sarahSome things get better with age, such as a smelly (but oh so delicious) cheese or a good french wine biding its time stored away in a dark and moist cellar. Other things, however, certainly do not, such as IT skills. This might be the primary reason for the childrens’ involvement in this project. And as the youngest (but by no means most qualified) of us it is my duty to help mummy out with the internet bits.

I spend my days studying, hoping to get my degree in engineering (specialized in industrial engineering and management) in a few years. And to be completely honest, I might stay in school for a phD as well if I’m lucky. I just happen to really like learning. In my spare time I occupy myself with reading, or knitting, or fencing, or acting, or whatever I feel like. And, of course, occasionally, and not nearly as often as I should, helping out with this website.

I am hoping to post some book reviews on the blog portion of the site, mostly because I find writing them is such a delight and it is a good way to share my opinions and thoughts on books without bugging my friends TOO much.