IMG_0027Much of my time and my interest is currently directed to our beautiful region east of Malaga, on the Costa Tropical. Here we have an apartment in Marina del Este, between La Herradura and Almuñécar. Enjoying easy days in the sun, swimming, snorkeling, walking, eating good food and visiting interesting places. I also find the time to read, paint and relax. And I am working to improve my skills in Spanish with the aim to better take part in every day life in the place we live.  In years to come my dream is to share my time between Andalucía and the Swedish west coast.  When we ourselves do not have the opportunity to spend time in our paradise we let people rent, often friends and acquaintances.

In Sweden I work as a teacher in special education, presently with students 13-16 years old. My heart beats for all children and their opportunities in life. In my work I do what I can to support young persons in their development. I want them to leave our compulsory school with the feeling of purpose and of being good enough. This involves work on many levels, school organisation, attitudes and authorities. I have a special interest in reading investigations and in improving reading skills. I am interested in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and try to keep up with developments to find what can be used to meet differences in how we learn.

Other information: I also respond to my first name Pia, and my favorite dessert is a lovely home made Crema Catalana .